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Photo Tips
Photographing Fireworks


Necessary Items
1. Camera such as Canon
2. Trip Chord plug in capability
3. Shutter with Manual control
4. Trip Chord
5. Film such as Fugi
6. Tripod

How To Photograph Fireworks
1. Attach Camera to Tripod
2. Attach Trip Chord to Camera
3. Focus Camera, moveable lens, to infinity.
4. Find an area, at the location of Fireworks, where the field in the camera covers the general area of the Fireworks.
5. With the Camera on the Tripod, Point the Camera in the direction of the Fireworks.
6. After one or two Fireworks have gone off, adjust Camera field, if any.
7. When the Next shot goes up, use your Trip Chord
a. Hold open the shutter
b. When the Firework Explodes in the Sky, Count One Thousand One, One Thousand Two.
c. Release Shutter with Trip Chord
d. As each Fireworks Explodes in the Sky, vary the One Thousand One, One Thousand Two ,varying the count lengths.
e.The longer you hold it open, the more Fireworks image, such as drifting & blooming effect.
8. Also, the longer the count, the sky gets lighter and bluer.
9. The Shorter the count, the Crisper the Image and Truer Colors.
10 . Have Fun


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