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Works of Art

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English Channel My Artwork represents my Travels
in the last 30 years which includes Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe
and the U.S., Alaska, & Hawaii. In My Travels I have gone as far as to
an old Gold mine in Alaska to capture my Artwork.
I have traveled to Hong Kong to Capture the feel of it before its return to China .

I Think when Microsoft
brags that it has the largest
number of digital art in the
world, I really wouldn't brag myself,
considering the largest quantity
of digital art is average and ordinary
just like the bell curve of artists!!!!!
If you want better than average Artwork
buy from the artists themselves!!!


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Forest Preserves & National Parks CD
Sunsets CD
Major Cities CD
Water Landscapes CD
Flowers CD
Hot Air Balloons CD
Places of the World CD



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