Works of Art

I charge $90 a hour , most jobs take a half hour and my minimum is a half hour.
I post the photos on our web site (on a private page) so you can let your family and friends
help you pick the enlargements you want.
With a half hour sitting you get one 8x10 and a 4x6 print of each shot of a 12 Digital Files or 12 shot roll of film.

To purchase Digital Files or Negatives the cost is $30 for per 12 photos taken.
To purchase more 8x10's $20.00 per photo enlargement -11x13's $40 per photo enlargement
To put photos on CD $20 per 12 images.
To put photos on flash drive $75 per 100 images.
To put on CD per 100 Photos $100
To put together a Portfolio the hourly rate is the same, the amount of Photos determines the total price.

For Portfolios

Call at (847) 731-7301
Arthur J. Hillson

For more information E-Mail me

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